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Jack Stern - Entertainment

Originally from Chicago, Jack has lived in Burbank, Ca. for most of his life.  He works as a studio teacher for minors working in the entertainment industry.  These young actors to appear in television shows, feature films, live theatre, voice-overs for cartoon shows, and even commercial productions.  Jack teaches grades 1-12, and covers almost subjects.  He is also licensed by the California Labor Department and responsible for enforcing all of the Title 8 labor laws regarding the employment of minors in the industry.  Jack has taught public high school for 10 years in Santa Monica and for over 31 years for the studios.  Jack is currently pursuing his masters degree at Touro University Worldwide.


Kathleen Melton - Media Literacy

Aspects of communication and media touch all that I do in business and in life.  Professionally, I am the Executive Director for the Kaiser Permanente Nurse Anesthetists Association.  In this role, I develop and cultivate partnerships, which allows me to develop and enhance my professional communication skills and to be of service to others.

As a Communications professional and writer for the last 20 years, I provide intelligent guidance in the creation of innovative strategies to strengthen and establish identities and relationships.  As a published author and writer I am also able to explore the extraordinary gifts hidden in ordinary, every day moments.

I received my BA in Communications from UCLA and am a Masters candidate in the TUW Communications and Media Psychology program.

The highlight of my life is my role as Mom to two boys, two step daughters, and as Aunt to two nieces and a nephew.  Children are our greatest teachers.


Kay Baldwin - Science

Kay is a medical professional with over 18 years experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical communications.  Her experience includes; medical communications, medical marketing, medical education, medical research, clinical publications, and medical meeting strategic planning and execution.
Kay was the first in her company to develop an interactive CD field training system for a product launch.  At Raymond Karson Associates, she received the New Media Technical Excellence award for the first interactive oncology virtual reality training center.  She developed the a Continuing Education Program at Philadelphia College of Pharmacy,covering seven therapeutic areas to provide the field force with cutting edge medical information.  
Kay has developed global publication plans for 6 biotechnology products, regulatory and non-regulatory patient and physician focused product education materials to meet FDA standards, authored 18 scientific publications including a book chapter, developed direct to consumer (DTC) advertising and product web sites for healthcare providers and patients, is board certified in Forensic Toxicology and has testified as a forensic expert in criminal cases. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Media and Communications at Touro University Worldwide