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 The JUST Social Media section is dedicated to followign the social media trends that create awareness, inspires thought and facilitates change in the world around us.

Social Media


Tweets from Tahrir Square

Alex Nunns
The Guardian, November 25, 2011

The aerial pictures showed an impressive mass of humanity in Tahrir, but it is on Twitter that the extraordinary individual stories of the Egyptian revolution can be found. Read more...


How Cellphone Cameras Shape OWS 

Joshua Holland, October 26, 2011

These videos have helped protesters create their own narratives and hold the police accountable BY JOSHUA HOLLAND, ALTERNET A woman takes pictures with her mobile phone at an Occupy Wall Street protest. Read more...


Bruised But Defiant: Mona Eltahawy on Her Assault by Egyptian Security Forces

Mona Eltahawy,  December 23, 2011

It wasn't the Twitterholic in me that threw herself after the phone, but the survivor. For the first three or four hours of detention, I knew they could do anything and no one would know. In the event, it was near-miraculous that, while I was at the ministry, an activist with a smartphone came to discuss setting up a truce between protesters and security. As soon as he signed me in to Twitter, I sent out, "beaten arrested at interior ministry". And then his phone battery died. Read more...


Posters From the #Occupy Movement


The 40 Best Protest Signs Of 2011  

Occupy, Egypt, Wisconsin, and Slut Walks. 2011 was filled with awesome protest signs. Here are 40 of the most memorable of them. Read more...


Games For Social Change - Seriously, Let's Play!

Jane Kagon
November, 2011 

The game industry has grown well beyond the music and motion picture industries combined. Now "social gaming" is about to overtake traditional educational models and through social media become the preferred and most impactful way to enhance learning and inspire social change.

Whether called "serious games", "positive impact games" "games for change" or "educational games", there are many asking if games can become the principal platform for social change. See Time magazine "Can Video Games Change the World?"  and Huffington Post's article: Video Games for Social Change . "Video games may be the next best way to tap into a new audience open to improving our world," suggests.

Coalescing around game design and game platforms as the foci for design communication in the 21st century are companies, communities of interest and universities including: E-Line Media  a publisher of game-based learning products and services; Games for Change which facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts; American universities such as UC Berkeley, USC, MIT and Wisconsin; and Communities of interest: The Serious Games Initiative, which focuses on uses for games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector.

There are even entire genres of social change games now coming into play (pun intended) including "global warming games." A few examples of social change games include:

MTV's "Darfur Is Dying" raising awareness on human rights laws violence in Sudan 

Social game company, Zynga's Facebook game, "Farmville" with philanthropy issues embedded. 


Games for Social Change Festival


City Sandbox 

City Sandbox  is an "activists right to the city minded game" where groups communicate, generate community issues, identify priorities and ultimately create actions. The game works by observing community raised issues and offering a challenge to players/members to solve the problem. It is currently in Beta in the US and Poland. It has already become a popular platform for Participatory Budgeting.


Games For Social Change

Global Warming games

 is a publisher of game-based learning products and services that engage, educate and empower,helping to prepare youth for lives and careers in the 21st Century. E-Line partners with foundations, researchers and government to develop and publish products and services that tap into the natural passions of youth and seamlessly cross formal and informal learning environments.

Wikipedia: A global warming game, also known as a climate game or a climate change game, is a type of serious game. As a serious game, it attempts to simulate and explore real life issues to educate players through an interactive experience.

Serious Games Initiative

 The Serious Games Initiative is focused on uses for games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector. Part of its overall charter is to help forge productive links between the electronic game industry and projects involving the use of games in education, training, health, and public policy.

The Education Arcade


Serious Games Resources