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The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication

Kevin Cain
SocialMedia, June 29, 2012

Among the negative effects of Facebook is how the social networking site is changing the way we communicate. Before I get into that, let me start with a quick story.

In 1963, Ray Kroc appeared on national television to proudly serve up McDonald’s one billionth hamburger. By the time he died 21 years later, just 10 months short of the sale of the 50 billionth burger, he and his company had forever changed the way we eat by bringing fast food to American families.

Form S-1 that it expects to have more than a billion users by year-end. In the same filing, the social media giant also reported that its 901 million existing users post more than 300 million pictures and a staggering 3.2 billion comments every day.

Numbers like these boggle the mind and are just one indication of the fundamental shift that social media has brought about in terms of how people interact and share information. Just as the Big Mac and other fast foods forever changed how and what we eat — and sadly not for the better — Facebook and other social media channels are redefining how and what we communicate with potentially equally neg ative consequences. Read more...

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