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Many in Generation X are 'Disengaged' on Climate Change

 Eryn Brown
Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2012

According to a survey of more than 4,000 young adults, a large proportion of Generation X isn’t all that concerned about climate change.    Parched ground at an Illinois cattle lot this year. Researchers report that many Generation X members seem unconcerned about climate change. (Scott Olson/Getty Images / July 19, 2012)

Writing in the quarterly Generation X Report — which details findings of the Longitudinal Study of American Youth, a yearly survey of Americans who entered 7th or 10th grade in 50 U.S. public school systems in the fall of 1987 — University of Michigan research scientist Jon D. Miller said that the “surprising” results indicated that “many young adults do not see [climate change] as an immediate problem they need to address … and that many young adults prefer to focus on more immediate issues.” Read More

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