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For Whom The Bell Tolls

Corine Ganem
May, 2012

The handover ceremony took place this morning, and now that Mr. François Hollande is officially France’s president, everyone can only wish him the best of luck.  In the context of free and fair elections, political change through the ballot box —what we call “alternance”— is the commendable sign of a healthy democracy. 

However, many people who favored the center-right Union for a Popular Movement feel some bitter resentment.  They claim that if the former president was defeated, it was less by Mr. Hollande than because of the media.  Throughout his five-year term, Mr. Sarkozy got systematically mocked, slammed, pilloried in the press, though he had been elected with a comfortable majority, reflecting the new hope he had instilled in the nation. What a difference with the honeymoon period following the election of President Obama, who was granted the Nobel Prize before he had accomplished anything! 

And what a difference with the hushed silence that once prevailed in French media about François Mitterrand's 30-year love affair with Anne Pingeot! That second life, and Mazarine, the child they had had before he became the first socialist President of the Fifth Republic, remained a well-kept secret until Mr. Mitterrand's funeral. 

Times have changed.  President Hollande will be under harsh scrutinity not only from his political opponents but from his leftist followers. After the many promises he has made, each awkward move, every mistake will be amplified by the media. So will the possible dissent within the right wing. If such is the case, France's next President may well be far-right leader Marine Le Pen. And then, freedom of the press may become a thing of the past.


Sarkozy Vows To Sue Over Gadhafi Donation Accusation

Deutsche Welle, April 30, 2012

French President Nicolas Sarkozy vowed on Monday to sue a website for publishing a document, which allegedly shows that Moammar Gadhafi's regime sought to make a large campaign contribution to Sarkozy during France's 2007 election.

The website Mediapart published a 2006 letter in which Libya's former secret services supposedly discussed "an agreement in principle" to pay 50 million euros ($66 million) to Sarkozy's presidential campaign.

President Sarkozy, head of the conservative UMP party, called the document a fake and said that he was being targeted by a "biased" left-wing media. Read more…


A Petition To Cancel The Election Due To Media Bias 

Linda Uzan May 10, 2012

We are democrats. And we all accept the normal interplay of democracy. We love our country, France, and we respect French laws.  But we find injustice unbearable and we cannot accept it.  The difference of treatment in the media between the two candidates, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande, in favor of the latter, the abusive and defamatory propaganda until the last day against Nicolas Sarkozy strongly vitiating the balance of votes, and Francois Hollande's media campaign during the last 48 hours before the second round being strictly prohibited according to the electoral code, we, French citizens and voters, do petition the Constitutional Council for cancellation of the presidential election whose first and second rounds took place on April 22 and May 6, 2012. With 46,028,542 voters, a 1,139,272 vote difference -in fact, 569 638, half plus one- is a very small gap. There is a breakdown of republican equality, and a violation of constitutional principles. The case law of the Council of State and of the Constitutional Council are drastic towards candidates to the elections. Thank you. Yours, Linda UZAN, Regional Advisor of Ile-de-France, City Councillor of Sarcelles. Read more...


Parcours de Hollande/Parcours De Sarkozy

Photos from an article on, April 28