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The JUST Entertainment section examines the multitude of ways in which entertainment media track, catalyze and incite social change – we comb through diverse forms of Entertainment to illuminate existing social attitudes and identifying opportunities to drive positive change.

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Entertainers Using Their Influence to Inspire and Promote Social Change

Nadia Walker
September, 2013

We are bombarded with sensationalistic images in entertainment media.  The storylines or images are highly exaggerated for the express purpose of selling a product to a consumer. We encounter these types of imagery whenever we read a newspaper or magazine on a grocery store shelf with a celebrity headline. However, more and more celebrities are using the paprazzi's attention as a way to inspire and promote social change.

When actor Benedict Cumberbatch was being photographed on the set of a film shoot, he used the moment as an opportunity to shed light on the crisis in Egypt.  He is not alone in bringing awareness to social issues–when Ashton Kutcher won a Teen Choice award he went out of his way to tell the individuals, “I feel like a fraud. My name is not even Ashton its Chris, my middle name is Ashton”, he told the audience not to be fooled by the images they see within entertainment media.

Entertainers aren’t only using their influence to draw attention to an issue or at award shows. Liam Neeson has partnered with UNICEF to shed light on violence on children.  And musical artists, such as Amanda Palmer, have made it a point to speak out about sexism in the industry through their music.

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