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Maureen Feldman

As a communications and relationship development professional with a passion for advocacy and social change, Maureen has over 15 years experience providing innovative marketing initiatives for businesses dedicated to making a social impact with a focus on community outreach and public/private partnerships.

Maureen is currently the Director of Community Engagement for Lift-Levantate, a non-profit dedicated to improving health and wellness in underserved communities.  She is also an adjunct professor at Los Angeles Pierce College where she works with the Older Adult population. She recently completed a short documentary “The Encore Project,” which she wrote, directed, and produced to highlight the importance of funding Older Adult Education programs, currently in jeopardy due to budget cuts.  

Maureen holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and a certificate in Wellness from California State University Northridge, and a Masters degree in Media Communications at Touro University Worldwide.