Ethics Editor - Marty Perlmutter

Marty Perlmutter has worked in interactive video since 1970. His Ghost Dance Productions “opened” Harvard’s broadband network, participated in wiring MIT and Mass General Hospital’s Telesurgery and filed patents for 3D TV. Marty built interactive exhibits at Boston’s Museum of Science, Lawrence Hall of Science and the New York Hall of Science. He produced the MysteryDiscs, the first interactive movie games, headed program development for TelePrompTer Corp., and produced video for IBM, AT&T and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the 90s, Perlmutter helped launch the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group, a major trade association of over 600 companies. He co-founded Hook-Up! for multimedia recruitment, edited leading multimedia newsletters and produced video intelligence reports on new media. He was a senior producer for broadband and wireless for Looksmart Ltd. Through his nonprofit, Multisensory Interactive Learning, Marty currently runs the STEM academy at a Marin middle school and has returned to recruitment under the trade name M2Search. He She is currently pursuing a Masters in Media and Communications at Touro University Worldwide.