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Top Stories in Media and Social Change


Multisensory Learning and Perceptual Immersion in the 21st Century 

In a world inundated with excess stimuli, appealing to the senses can affectively, and therefore, effectively recruit attention. It is the essence of communication. In order to learn what we learn we must first pay attention to the stimuli that provides the said stimulation.  Read more...


Social Media and the Future of CSR Impact Measurement

The proliferation of social media has heightened the publics awareness of corporate business practices, both positive and negative.  Through social media networks, people have the ability to communicate, transmit information, and draw attention to corporate conduct, placing power previously reserved for public relation firms, into the hands of consumers. One person’s voice can now start a powerful movement, difficult for a corporation to ignore.    Read more...


Know Your Audience

With the rise in social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Internet forums, podcasts, and the like, the audience is participating on a larger scale and media creators have now recognized this change in audience behavior. A Viacom survey found, “Respondents engage in an average of 10 TV-related activities on social media platforms on a weekly basis, including: interacting with friends and fans, following/liking a TV show, searching for info and show schedules, and gaming or signing up for freebies." Read more...


Entertainment for Good

We are bombarded with sensationalistic images in entertainment media.  The storylines or images are highly exaggerated for the express purpose of selling a product to a consumer. We encounter these types of imagery whenever we read a newspaper or magazine on a grocery store shelf with a celebrity headline. However, more and more celebrities are using the paprazzi's attention as a way to inspire and promote social changeRead more...


Surveillance and the Free Press

Decades of media consolidation have reduced the depth and breadth of reporting, cutting investigative reporters, relying on syndicated news and in some cases eliminating photographers completely. The influence of corporate and politically-driven private money is increasingly commonplace and many consumers are leaving traditional news outlets. Online media, dependent on advertising, weakened by a reliance on unpaid reporting and diluted by contributors untrained in journalism, have also provided a space for hackers, whistleblowers, leakers, and citizen journalists to take on roles previously held by investigative journalists. Read more...